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The cost of clearing drains

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take clear a drain blockage?

Typical time

1 hour for the usual blockages.

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In most cases the householder is responsible for the drainage within the property boundaries. Where there are shared drains then the sewerage company is responsible. The best way to find out is to check with your sewerage company. There can be odd exceptions for private estates. If you have a blocked soakaway (e.g. a gutter running into the ground; gutters are normally not run into sewers, it's a case of clean versus dirty water) then talk to us about options.

Questions to ask

Is the blockage affecting just one item e.g. one loo or one shower. If that's the case and everything else is running well it's probably an internal blockage and a plumber may be a better bet if the waste run is accessible, if not the drain specialist will be needed. If anything is overflowing outside (except a gulley - a small drain where the top is open) then drain clearance is needed. If a gulley is overflowing usually a plumber can address what will be a local issue. If you are unsure talk to one of our office specialists who take you through a Q&A - but even then it may need investigation.


Anything drain wise is chargeable work. If it's a collapsed drain then the drain company will need to do a camera survey for which there are differing charges.

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