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The cost of repairing a fence

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to repair a fence?

Typical time

Post and panel replacement - 2 hours per post as a guide for regular 6ft x 6ft or 6ft x 3ft e.g. lap panels and wooden supporting posts. Assumes post(s) are replaced or concrete repair spur(s) fitted.
Arris rail fences are typically 3 hours per post. Where the Arris rails themselves need replacing it's more economical to fit replacement feather edge boards than try and reuse the old ones.
Fences with concrete posts / panels would be estimated case by case.
Fence posts set in e.g driveways or with adjacent paving can require more work.
To build up a cost take the labour, then add materials and delivery.

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The ground the fence posts are set in will impact the duration of the works. Remember access is needed and neighbours may need informing. If the old fence has plant / tree growth on it this will need to be removed and can add time, as can reducing panels to special lengths if required.

Questions to ask

Number of posts and panels. Are the old posts and panels still in place?. Is there space to work? Do we need / can we get access to neighbours?


Fence repairs are usually straightforward. They are best undertaken when ground is dry (if possible) as when ground is wet protection may have to be laid to prevent interference with e.g lawns. Usually access to power and water is required.

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