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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take for:

  • Flat pack assembly
  • Shed / storage unit erection
  • Shelf erection
  • Picture and mirror hanging
  • Notice boards / display fitting
  • Plasma screen fixing

Typical time

From 1 hr

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Refer to comments

Questions to ask

Flat pack - make, model, where obtained so we can look at it on the web

Shed and storage units - same as flat pack!

Anything going on a wall - wall type (solid, plasterboard), guideline weight of item (if it's heavy and on plasterboard take advice)


Flat pack assembly ranges from the easy to the complex. In many cases if a supplier and model number can be provided the pricing can be found and this translated to the cost using the cost per hour in your postcode. Don't necessarily equate size with cost. Some large items are simple whilst items with many drawers for example can take longer to assemble. Some flat packs need a second person to move them during the assembly process and we ask the customer to assist where possible. The work is subject to a minimum charge of 1 hour at the handyman rate. Consult us if the flat pack is for kitchen or bathroom units as these may need other works in conjunction with the assembly.

Similar comments to flat pack assembly apply to shed and storage unit erection. In these cases also consider the base that is required as this will need to be prepared first. For wooden items remember that in most cases additional finishing by way of preservative will be required.

When considering shelving consider that it is generally more economic to utilise ready made supports and shelves and modify them for the particular circumstances. Custom manufactured items from wood or MDF are feasible but time intensive. If you have a modern house with 'dry lined' or plasterboard walls (they will sound hollow when tapped) remember special fixings are required and shelves to take heavy items may need to fixed back to the solid wall or the battens supporting the plasterboard dry lining. Similar comments apply to plasma screen fitting. For TV fittings in general remember that cables are required and that consideration needs to be given to whether they will be fitted in trunking, on the wall or buried within it. Plasma screen power cabling going in walls needs to be RCD protected.

Picture, mirror, notice board and display hanging or fitting for smaller items is typically fast, just have an idea of where you would like items hung. For especially heavy and /or large items special fixings or battens may be required. Items hung at high level may require access arrangements and some heavy items may be a two man lift.

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