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The cost to change an immersion element or thermostat

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to replace an immersion thermostat or element?

Typical time

Thermostat - 30 minutes plus the time to locate the correct replacement. Element - system dependent. Usually from 2 hours but can be more.

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Being able to turn the water off

Questions to ask

Is there adequate access to the cupboard bearing in mind the thermostat or element need come to out, for a new one go in and they can be up to 27" (686mm) long? What size is the cylinder? What type is the cylinder? Click here for information on cylinder types.


There are a number of electrical tests to ensure a thermostat or element is faulty. In all electric households many cylinders have two elements, one at the bottom (usually used on cheaper rate night time electricity) and one at the top for a daytime boost.

It is not unusual for the old element to be 'stuck' in place. This is usually caused by corrosion or in hard water areas by a build up of scale and if this is the case a new cylinder may be required.

Beware system drain down and refill. This is always something that should be straightforward but often isn't. Non operational gate valves and airlocks can also cause delay.

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