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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to lay laminate flooring?

Typical time

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Questions to ask

Is this the 'click' laminate that doesn't need gluing? If not details of the type of flooring need to be obtained.

Due to the number of variables the first port of call is to look at the job and ensure the questions in the comments section below are addressed.


The time per square metre (and therefore cost) it takes to lay laminate is all about the numbers of cuts around for example door architrave, pipes (e.g. radiators) and any other fitments at floor level. So hallways are usually more expensive as they have lots of doors! You also need to consider:

  • Who is taking up any existing floor covering? If it's carpet the grips need to come up. If there are floorboards underneath nails may need hammering down or the boards screwing down.
  • Whether the skirting boards are being removed or is quadrant beading being fitted around the edges? Laminate is a lot nicer if skirting is removed and put back over the laminate BUT removing skirting can all to easily cause damage to decor and plaster. Remember the replacement skirting will need painting. So consider the skirting issue carefully!
  • The underlay required - there are different types for differing floor substrates.
  • Carpet / other floor joiners in doorways.
  • Whether any doors will need trimming if the laminate is going to be higher than the previous flooring and doors open over it.

Note: if laying laminate in a bathroom it's a good idea to put any basin pedestals and toilet pans on top of the laminate. Also consider bath panels - laying laminate up to them is not a good idea. The bath panel needs to be removable to get to the waste trap and taps.

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