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The cost to reseal a bath or shower

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What are we talking about?

Removing the old, cleaning and fitting new mastic sealant around a bath or shower

Typical time

From 2hrs

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The area being dry to start with and maintaining it water free for 24 hrs

Questions to ask

Bath or shower, check rough size. Is there a leak?


Leaking showers.Showers can leak from a number of places. The most common is through a damaged mastic seal, usually caused through movement of a bath or shower tray. This can generally be put right through thoroughly removing the existing mastic and replacing it. Shower trays, particularly the older lightweight versions flex and damage the mastic seal or sometimes crack, particularly around the drain point. Stone cast or firmer resin trays are better. Showers can also sustain pipe leaks and water can get behind tiles if grout becomes loose.

It is the removal of the old sealant which takes the most time. When sealant has been replaced don't use the bath or shower for 24 hours. It is worth mentioning other points:

  • Sealant is not a filler. If the gap is more than a couple of millimetres then something needs adjusting
  • If the bath or shower tray are not firmly fixed then the seal will not be long lasting.

Sealant which is discoloured can be cleaned in many cases. Plain bleach soaked into a string of toilet paper on the sealant and left over night works wonders - test an area first though!

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