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The cost to to re-roof a shed or other out-building

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to re-roof an out-building with a felt roof

Typical time

From 2 to 3 hrs for a small shed (or from 1 to 2 hours for two people). Larger of more complex shaped buildings will take longer

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Access, the type of roof, the roofing material, the condition of any supports or roofing components

Questions to ask

Is its a shed, summer house or other out-building? What is the aproximate size so we can calculate the amount of felt needed? What shape is the roof, e.g. for a shed an apex (two slopes) or pent (one slope) roof? What is the roofing material (usually felt)? Is there ready access on four sides? If the building is up against a hedge, wall or other obstacle then it can mean getting to the sides to fix the new roof cover is difficult and the job will take longer. Is the building in good condition, particulalry the woodwork holding felt edges and the roof itself?


If the roof and/or roof timbers are wet then we'll need to check they are firm before climbing on the roof and fixing to the timbers. Climbing isn't always necessary but frequently is; it's about the access. The roof needs to be dry before applying new felt. We also need firm 'side' timbers which hold the felt in place, otherwise these will need replacing. It is also worth noting that in general we recommend the better quality felt, the cheaper version tears very easily. Note that this is a job for dry weather without much wind.

If the roof is tiled or flat then we will need to get roofers to look at the work. This also applies to larger e.g. garage roofs which are felted.

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