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The cost to fit a SureStop*

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to fit a SureStop water switch?

Typical time

1 hour

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Being able to turn the water off.

Enough accessible space (from about 0.5m) between the stop cock and any pipe junctions.

Standard pipe size is 15mm. Occasionally 22mm pipe is encountered in which case a different (and a little more expensive) SureStop is needed.

Questions to ask

Does the customer know where the main stop cock is? Is it accessible and operational?


This is a straightforward job providing the dependencies are met.

If the main stop cock has been hidden behind e.g. fitted kitchen cabinets or boxed in then the job could take a good deal longer.

*SureStop is a trademark of Surestop Ltd, Birmingham, UK.

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