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The cost to change a tap or washer

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to replace a tap or just change the washer?

Typical time

Tap washer from 20 minutes

Tap cartridge from 20 minutes - warning: there are over 200 types!

Basin taps from 1 hour

Kitchen / bath taps 2 to 3 hours assuming reasonable access

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Being able to turn the water off

Questions to ask

Are there isolating valves? If not does the customer know where the main stop cock is? Is there a roof tank (in older properties some upstairs taps were often fed from the roof tank). For bath taps check the taps are NOT at the far side of the bath between the bath and the wall and that the bath panel is removable and not tiled / has floor laminate up to it.


For hot taps the inlet to or outlet from a cylinder will probably need to be turned off by way of a gate valve (usually red) and these often fail if not maintained.

Where there is a combi boiler the hot water can be turned off a the boiler. Where there is a pressurised cylinder the hot water can usually be turned off at the cylinder.

In hard water areas taps can sometimes be 'reseated' but if they have been dripping for some time they are best replaced.

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