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Selecting a shower - considerations

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If you are not familiar with the differing types of showers then it's a good idea to read about shower types first.

When selecting a shower type the first steps are to look at your existing heating system and the proposed location for the shower.

If you have central heating then you will probably want to consider a power or mixer shower. If you have a combi boiler a standard mixer shower usually works quite well and provide an adequate water flow rate as the both the hot and cold supplies will be at the mains cold water pressure. Remember that shower pumps and power showers cannot be used with combi-boilers.

If getting both hot and cold water to the shower is problematic then consider going electric but do consider that the installation cost for an electric shower is several times the cost of the shower itself (there's more on installation here).

Showers can be installed in many locations other than bathrooms and are often installed in an annex or bedroom where space is available. There are rules about the how close showers can be to power sockets and this needs to be taken into consideration where the installation is outside a bathroom.

A separate shower cubicle is often fitted, sometimes in place of a bath or sometimes separately. There are a wide range of sizes and designs available including cubicles designed for ease of access or to enable a carer to assist. Trays also come in a wide variety of designs, some low level, some needing a step up. Cubicles need connection to drainage and depending on drain runs this can impact the type of tray that it is practical to fit. If drainage runs are difficult waste pumps can in many cases assist. If you are fitting a shower over a bath the wall will need tiling to shower height and a shower screen or curtain fitting. Tiles remain the common choice for showers but a range of waterproof panels and tile sheets are also available. These negate the need to clean grout and are particularly useful in hard water areas.

An extractor fan is also a good idea if you don't already have one and in conversions or new builds is a requirement. These can be fitted in ceilings and walls and in most cases have a 'run-on' timer to ensure condensation is reduced by continuing in operation for a few minutes after the lights have been turned off. Fans that operate based on humidity levels are also available.

Need assistance? The process is that 50plus will come and look at the existing plumbing and heating installation, discuss your ideas and requirements and draw up a written offer and specification for your agreement before starting work. 50plus is happy to install your purchased shower, tray, cubicle and more. Do consult us if you need advice.

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A brief note on showers at 50plus

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