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Not used us before or need a differing service? Check services we offer in your postcode. This will provide an overview of available services and associated costs. Use the menu(s) to find out more about services such as home repairs (including plumbing, electrical and handy), technology and independence for the elderly and commercial services for landlords and agents.

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Book by telephone if you need to discuss what you need, are not sure how long to book, need advice or need a near term booking.

Call our head office booking lines during business hours on 01494 784 448. They can help for all locations. Our booking lines are open 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday except on public holidays. Get a timed appointment in many cases.

We'll provide a cost guideline or provide an estimate for small works. Book an estimate for larger works (greater than one man day duration) where this service is available.

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Submit an online booking request if you know what you need, know how long to book or wish to make a booking request out of office hours.

Complete an online booking request form. The request will be actioned by our office personnel the same or next working day.

If you are unsure about how much time you need to book for a job you may find the knowledge centre section helpful. This includes information on how long jobs typically take.

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