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About the 50plus showers service

Our shower service does what is says - specialises in showers. The company has over 20 years experience of repairing and installing showers. We are happy to undertake work including:

  • Diagnosing problems with existing showers
  • Modifying existing installations e.g. changing a bath to a shower
  • Installing new showers, cubicles and and plumbing in existing bathrooms or in other rooms.

How does the showers service operate?

If you need a new shower installing then contact us to arrange a free estimate visit. We can advise on the possible solutions, budgets and feasibility. The shower service can:

  • Install a shower over a bath
  • Replace a bath with a shower cubicle, including low level 'walk in' cubicles particularly suitable for the elderly
  • Install a shower cubicle in bathrooms or other rooms e.g. a bedroom.

The showers service will plumb, tile (or fit tile panels or shower panels), install trays and cubicles, and install and certify any required electrical supplies.

The process is that we will come and look at the existing plumbing and heating installation, discuss your ideas and requirements and draw up a written offer and specification for your agreement before starting work. 50plus is happy to install your purchased shower, cubicle and more. Do contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

If you need a shower repairing then let us know the type and where at all possible the make and model. If at all unsure read this overview of shower types first. The showers service will:

  • Fit customer supplied spares
  • Obtain and fit spares. This may require two visits, the first to determine what is required.

If you have leaking shower then don't panic, you are one of many. If you are unsure about the source of the leak think in terms of:

  • Where is the water coming from? If it's appearing in a room below then think of:
  • The sealant around the shower tray or bath. If it's cracked, mouldy or lifting then the chances are water is escaping.
  • The shower tray. The older plastic moulded type are known to crack, look around the waste.
  • Other common sources of leaks are from shower valves or pipe-work set in the wall and waste connections below trays and baths.

Contact The 50plus if you have leak. We'll check out the situation and determine the best course of action.

Read more here about:

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A brief note on showers at The 50plus

The 50plus provides a professional and guaranteed installation and maintenance service for householders and businesses. The service is an extension of the 50plus repair and maintenance service and offers a range of works focussed on showers.

50plus has a client base of commercial and domestic customers and are experienced in small works, fault finding and refurbishment.

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