The 50plus

How to contact The 50plus

The 50plus can be contacted by telephone, electronic and social media and post. We have personnel in a broad range of locations. The head office handles all initial contact and bookings.


Telephone booking lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm. Messages can be left out of hours.

Our principle numbers which route direct to our head office where any enquiry can be answered or a booking for any area made are:

For 'Your 50plus Club' Gold and Silver (Tiers 1 and 2) members only, the urgent help line is:

We also have a range of local and service specific numbers which are:

Electronic and social media:

Please see the next paragraph if you are submitting photographs.


Sending photographs by email or WhatsApp

Photographs of the work required enables our field personnel to arrive with the correct parts and /or speeds up estimates which can often be provided over the phone when we have seen the work. A good way of 50plus seeing the work is to submit photographs to us.

What we need to see in submitted photgraphs is details of the work required set in context. Whilst close ups are good we need:

(i) Photographs showing the whole area of the work required e.g.

(ii) Close ups of the work area.

Remember - we can zoom in on photographs to get to the area of work. We can't zoom out if the surrounds are not there in the first place!


To comment on our services please do email, write, text or if you are in the vicinity pop into our offices. We like to hear from you whether we've done well or if we can improve our service in some way!

You can post a review on Google by clicking here.

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If you are visiting our head office a map of where we are located in Chesham is shown below (except on small screens) with brief directions. Chesham is in South Buckinghamshire around 25 miles from central London.

Location map

Charges for calling our 0845 number:

0845 provides a single UK wide business number and we've had ours for 20 years or more, so it's well known. These numbers, originally charged at the equivalent of a local call rate, are often included free of additional charge in calling plans such as BT's. Ofcom state that the cost of calling an 0845 number is up to 7p and your phone company's access charge. For details of calls and charges visit

If you prefer to use a geographic number one of the local numbers listed above will connect you to our head office.

If you telephone from outside the UK the number is +44 1494 784 448.