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The cost to fit a cat flap

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to fit a cat flap - usually in a door

Typical time

Up to 2 hrs but see comments

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The type of door

Questions to ask

Is the door into which the cat flap is being fitted wooden or uPVC. Is it a rear/side door or front door? If wooden is there a flat panel in the lower half to fit the flap into. Is the lower panel glazed, does the customer wish to retain a glazed panel or would a solid uPVC panel be acceptable?

Has the customer obtained the cat flap of their choice or is 50plus supplying? There are many styles of cat flap to choose from!


Fitting a cat flap in a door is usually relatively straight forward. In a wooden door or half glazed door the lower panel is cut into and the cat flap fitted within the panel using the template supplied with the cat flap. In 'solid' e.g. front door style wooden doors the cutting can take longer due to the thickness of the wood.

In a uPVC rear / side door the lower panel can usually be similarly cut if it is a solid panel.

If the lower panel in a wooden or uPVC is glazed then the options are to either replace the panel with a wooden (or uPVC) one or fit a new glazed panel with a hole cut for the flap - the original glazed panel can be restored if selling the property later. Single glazing can be retrospectively cut but it's often easier to get a replacement glazing panel. Double glazing requires a new glazing panel to be ordered. Toughened glass should be fitted in lower glazing panels. If wooden or uPVC panels or replacement glazing is required then additional time will be needed.

Can cat flaps be fitted in conservatory glass panels, reinforced doors / glazing or in walls? Yes is the answer. It's a question of engineering the best solution. Walls typically take about 4 hrs and require cutting equipment - and remember for walls to get the requisite length of lining panels to go with the cat flap.

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