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The cost of changing a door

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to replace a door?

Typical time

Internal lightweight door - 2 hrs
Solid internal doors can take longer. Allow around 8 hours for an external door. Times exclude decoration.
If it's door trimming due to new carpet/floor then each door needs removing. Allow 1 hr each, the doors have to be taken off.

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Doors need to be correct size. Space (where there will be dust) is needed to cut/trim doors down. Replacement fittings are best - reusing old ones cost more than it saves. External door works need reasonable weather.

Questions to ask

Type of door being used as a replacement (e.g. low cost from DIY retailer). Are the old door(s) still in place. They are often used as templates! Is there space to work.


Replacing a door means removing the old door and fitting/hanging a replacement. Leave the old door in situ, it can be used as a template. Be sure to obtain the correct sized replacement and do consider that most of the non-solid doors available cannot have more than about half an inch shaved off them, if that. Most UK doors are still sized in inches although some suppliers show the metric equivalent. After being trimmed to size, the replacement door has to have the 'furniture' fitted, usually hinges and a handle and perhaps a lock. It will need painting once it is in place. uPVC doors need replacement frames fitting.

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