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The cost to install a gas flue (or other utility) access hatch

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to install gas flue access hatches?

Note: refer to the Gas Safe here for the background to why this is neccessary.

Typical time

To supply and fit three hatches and make good - 1 day

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Each property requires a survey to determine the hatches necessary. Installations must meet Building Control requirements, fire regulations, retain existing fire and smoke rating, sound proofing and not compromise the building structure.

In some cases it may be necessary to contact the lease holder for permission to carry out any works. In some instances Building Control may need to be contacted.

Gas Safe recommend that inspection hatches are a minimum of 300mm x 300mm and wherever possible installed within 1.5 meter of any joints and/or bends. This may not always be practical in which case a pragmatic solution will need to be sought

Questions to ask

Has an inspection been made by a Gas Safe registered person who has specified the work? if not 50plus will undertake this using our Gas Safe registered personnel. If an inspection has been made the number of hatches required and their required location should be known.


Hatches are usually of the 'picture frame' type, with a 1 hr fire rating, smoke barrier and 30db sound barrier. They are supplied in standard white colour. Differing panel surround styles are available and hatches but can be painted to match existing ceiling /wall colours.

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