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The cost of relocating a radiator

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to relocate a radiator?

Typical time

There is no typical time for this task but a series of questions to ask.


Probably requires a system drain down, refill and usually access under the floor

Questions to ask

Central heating system type (e.g. boiler with immersion cylinder, combi), distance radiator being relocated, type of flooring in room, whether pipes are surface mounted (i.e. around the wall) or under the floor


Relocating a radiator requires either a drain down of the central heating system and a refill after the work is complete with an inhibitor being added OR the use of pipe freezing equipment, which is most appropriate will depend on the circumstances. Refills can mean the need to get airlocks out particularly in larger / older properties. If there are floorboards then pipes runs are relatively straightforward. Sheet floors will need to be cut away and rebuilt where access is required. Pipes are set in a concrete floor will requires new channelling for new pipe runs.

Before starting this job we need to ensure that the system is working well and all radiators reach a satisfactory heat level.

If a fitted carpet needs to be removed then it may be worth considering getting a carpet fitter to relay it.

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