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How long to replace or fit a new power socket

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to:

  • Change a single socket to a double
  • Replace a damaged socket
  • Instal a new socket
  • Relocate a socket

Typical time

Change a single socket to a double - 15 mins
Replace damaged socket - 20 mins
Install new socket - from 1 to 2 hrs
Relocate a socket - from 1 to 2 hrs

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Being able to turn the power off. New cabling in walls requires the circuit to be RCD protected

Questions to ask

For new or relocated sockets where cabling is going to in a wall - is there a modern consumer unit with an RCD (it will have a 'test' button). Cables can only go in designated 'safe areas'. Refer to the diagram here


To change a single socket to a double is a simple task in most cases. Devices called 'Converta sockets' can be used. These negate the need to replace the backing box if it is set in the wall. If a surface mounted pattress box is in use then fit a double patress box and new twin 13A socket. This will take a few minutes longer.

Replacing a damaged socket is a simple task in most cases. Once the power is off the socket itself (rather than the 'backing box') can be disconnected and the new socket connected, screwed in place and tested using equipment which shows the cables are correctly terminated and there is an earth present.

Installing a new socket means locating a suitable existing ring main to extend or spur from and getting the cable(s) to the new socket. The cables will need to be set in the wall (in which case RCD protected), trunked or run under a floor. The simplest case is installing a new socket the other side of a wall to an internal existing socket. New sockets in kitchens or connected directly to the consumer unit (fuse box) need to registered with Building Control under Part P of the Building Regulations. Please consult with us with regard to sockets outside the house.

Relocating a socket means effectively installing a new socket as set out above and removing or making the wiring to the existing socket safe - live cables cannot be left in walls unmarked.

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